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Company News
The characteristics of the pile hole drill bit and application scope
作者:  來源: http://www.7jj33.com/gsdt/n616.html   發布時間:2014-12-20

Bao chao foundry specializing in coated sand casting, resin coated sand casting parts, cast steel factory of precoated sand, machinery casting parts, precision casting, precision casting, hammer hammer solid drill bit, cross bit, cross centrifuge tube production and sales. Chaoyang foundries to pile hole drill bit characteristics and application scope.

Pile hole drill bit is suitable for the railways, highways, Bridges, water conservancy, electric power in the construction of foundation engineering, pile hole drill bit is to raise the drill bit, diamond blade, cut cut by the impact of the free fall the soil or rock, discharge fragments into a hole. It is suitable for, sand and gravel. Soil, cohesive soil and weathered rock, sediment layer, pebble layer, rock pile hole, cut-off, water well drilling, reasonable structure, verticality, good impact resistance, high FanJiang effect and fast drilling, using the scientific alloy formula, with special heat treatment process, durable, high quality and low price. Bao chao foundry can according to customer demand, help customers to sample custom make the peg hole drill bit, providing customers with better service, improve customer satisfaction.